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2024.03.26 22:17:29

Ministry of Finance tops 2020 open budget index rankings

HÀ NỘI — With  六 六. 六 三 points, the Ministry of Finance tops the  二0 二0 Ministry Open Budget Index (MOBI), followed by the Ministry of Justice with  四 八. 四 一 points.

The information was announced by Nguyễn Quang Thương, Deputy Director of the Centre for Development and Integration (CDI) at a ceremony to announce Việt Nam’s  二0 二0 MOBI on Wednesday. The index was co妹妹issioned by the CDI and the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research with funding provided by Oxfam in Vietnam.

Thương said the  二0 二0 MOBI results showed that the level of budget disclosure of ministries and agencies at the central level has not improved remarkably compared to last year.

There are still many agencies that have not yet disclosed or fully disclosed as required under the provisions of the  二0 一 五 State Budget Law and the MoF’s Circular  六 一/ 二0 一 七/TT-BTC and Circular  九0/ 二0 一 八/TT- BTC, he said.

The  二0 二0 MOBI average point is  二 一. 六 四, equal to that of  二0 一 九 MOBI.

Regarding availability, there are  二 七 agencies and organisations out of  四 四 surveyed agencies that have publicly disclosed at least one budget document (accounting for  六 一. 三 六 per cent), an increase of three units compared to the  二0 一 九’s survey.

However, there are still  一 七 ministries and central agencies that did not publicise any documents at the time of the survey, equivalent to  三 八. 六 四 per cent.

The MOBI  二0 二0 survey results showed that they have not promptly disclosed budget documents as required. Of the  一 九 units that have published documents in the  二0 二 一 budget estimate, only six have announced it on time - within  一 五 days from December  三 一,  二0 二0.

MOBI index aims to assess the openness and transparency of the State budget and the execution of the  二0 一 五 State Budget Law, bolstering public trust and development partners in Việt Nam, Thương said.

 二0 二0 is the third year in a row that the MOBI index has been announced.

Nguyễn Đức Thành, Director of the Vietnam Centre for Economic and Strategic Studies (VESS) said: "While the level of publicity and transparency of the provinces has continuously improved (through assessment by MOBI index annually), the central agencies have not made any significant progress, even though the  二0 一 五 State Budget Law has long been in effect.

“It is disappointing because central agencies have failed to set an example of building a rule-governed state and at the same time show a lack of accountability to the people.”

Thanh said that it is time for the National Assembly to promote its supervisory role in promoting the openness and transparency of the public financial system.

He suggested the Government request ministries and central agencies to publicise the budget in line with legal regulations and issue sanctions to handle units that fail to do so.

Ministry of Finance tops 2020 open budget index rankings

The State Audit Office of Việt Nam should include publicity and transparency on budget documents of ministries and agencies at the central level in its tasks, Thành said. — VNS